If you've visited the site, and you've landed here, then hit the "comment" button and tell us what you like/don't like about the site and what you'd like to see/not see here! This site is constantly evolving and we'd like to make it as user friendly and interesting for you as possible - so - talk to me!



I'm sending out invitations today for our release party - if you don't receive one, please let me know! All of our friends and family are invited, so just know you can come! Check out the calendar page for more info! Hope to see you all there!



So, after a couple of weeks trying to get the CD imprint to be right, we finally got our CDs! We will bring them with us to our CD Release Party next Saturday. The whole band will sign the first 100 CDs, so it'll be a great place to get it personalized. The music will be available on line after the 15th - can't wait! 


Thank you God for giving us the desires of our heart - just for loving and honoring You - this is SO not a fair trade for You oh Lord - we are humbled! May You be blessed by our service!


Okay, so I knew better than to fully count on the CD being released as promised, but I truly thought we were going to pick them up tomorrow - NOPE!

There were glitches in the artwork that showed up in the final printing - they've fixed it, but now it won't be ready until Monday earliest. <BIG SIGH> Patience, patience, patience...okay, one more weekend is doable! It'll be available soon - honest!! :) 

It's Uploaded!

All the CD stuff is uploaded to the production company now! We're only a few proofs and a week away from having our first CD in hand! Be on the lookout!!




<HUGE SIGH> No matter the dust and clutter from my boys living life to the hilt while mom's away, home is still the sweetest place to be. The folks at the hospital were great, God really took care of me there, but I'm so glad to be home. Pretty certain that my stomach was rockin' and rollin' a bit too much, so we're taking a shot at taming it a bit. The great news though is no heart problems! Woo-hoo! We won't have to postpone any upcoming gigs! I should be right as rain in a week or two! Just in time for our release party...hold onto your hats, it's actually gonna be coming out that soon! Watch for the news! Thanks for the prayers guys!


Okay, so Sunday night I wake up at midnight with really bad chest pain. Thinking it's just stomach related at first, I take the required meds. After 10 hours with no relief I decide to double check with my cardiologist, fully expecting him to do the EKG and tell me to take two zantacs and call my internist - <buzzer> nope! I'm sent to ER for immediate tests, that of course don't happen for another 4 hours, and then, WHAT? Admittance? Okay, so maybe it is stomach related, maybe not, but at this point I'm not gonna be going home until they know what's painin' me! Stay tuned...


Hey everyone! If you've visited this site in the past week, drop me a line and let me know what you think, what you'd like to see!! We're working on getting all our widgets set up - tons of stuff that we plan to add, but I would ADORE it if you could let us know what you'd like to see here!


Keep us posted, as we keep you posted!




Wow, day one of our new website! I will be adding more content as soon as I can! I would absolutely LOVE feedback on things to have available here for our fans! And I'll try and keep up with this blog too - that'll be something only God can do! :)

Check back often as we make this site more interactive. PLUS - our CD will soon be released (only a couple weeks now!!) so you'll be able listen to the tracks and get info on how to get your very own copy!

See you soon!




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