I wish I could say I’ve always dreamed of having my own band, but really I just wanted to do ANYTHING to make people laugh, cry…feel...whether thru music or drama. I guess music won out. 


Music has always been HUGE in my life – my mother played it constantly and it was never one genre. I love all kinds of music, but my favorite is whatever honors God! 


My favorite instrument is my 12-string custom Carvin guitar - it IS purple, Honest! You just have to see it in the light! I also play a 12-string Yamaha, and SOMEtimes my 6-string KOA Alvarez.


I’m a total music geek when it comes to hobbies – my favorite thing to do is sit down with one of my instruments. I love playing guitar best, but I also play the keys and bass. I also like to read, swim and bake, but there’s never enough time. Like now – hasta!


I learned guitar at a young age, but sports, video games and girls kind of took over for a while. I picked it up again a couple years ago, and after being laid-off, I really stepped up my game and started getting serious.  I love symphonic metal and lots of other alternative styles of music. But when I play - the harder the better!

I'm workin' hard to be the best guitarist ever, but life always interrupts.. Still, one day, when we get signed to a tour - watch me rise!

I started taking drum lessons at 10, but like most kids, didn't practice. Now I wish I had, but I'm practicing now, and that's what counts! I can play guitar too, but I don't get many chances - I'm always playing drums. 

My older brother had the most influence on my music choices, so I really love metal, especially symphonic metal, but I love all the old stuff too, thanks to my dad's HUGE rock CD collection! I love video games, especially Rock Band and Guitar Hero, where I rock the guitar and bass as well as drums. 

I play in my youth group's band too - Fusion. It's a chance for me to do something other than rock, so it's cool. I'm really looking forward to getting better and better as the drummer for Amethyst Heart though. Playing at Six Flags this summer was WAAY cool and I can't wait to play at all the gigs we'll have next year! Spreading God's word - and havin' fun doin' it - yeah, that's what I'm talking about!





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Amethyst Heart: There Is Hope