While these sweet people no longer

perform with Amethyst Heart,

we want to be sure our old fans

can visit and new fans

can meet them too!


Music has always been a huge part of my life. From the time I was a kid and pretended I was a DJ with my Smurf records ‘till now it has been in every moment of my life. I even make sound tracks while I'm reading comics!


I love to play bass and now I get to play bass and deliver a message. I've been blessed more than I could ever repay but now I can try by spreading the Word thru music. 


I love comics (even named my son after the SIlver Surfer), CD's, surfing, and working on my art (fantasy mostly – I’m a big dragon freak - watch for a future album cover). I'm also a Sci-Fi nut and paintball addict, so when I'm not playing you can probably find me into one of those things.


My big influences have been The Beatles, Enuff ZNuff, Lenny Kravitz, Petra, and Styper. I play a Fender Squire and a Fender MB4. But when I really want to get heavey I use my ESP 404. I will play any chance I'm given and any kind of music I'm asked, but Amethyst Heart is my baby!



What can I say? I love to sing and enjoy all styles of music.  As a little girl, I would sing along with my parent’s jazz and blues music while standing in front of the mirror with my “homemade” microphone which was usually the closest thing I could pick up.  


I was involved in chorus all during High School and our choir actually performed for an event that the President of the United States attended.  


I sang the lead along with 2 of my girlfriends in our rendition of “Leader of the Pack” for our Senior Year Talent Show.  I’m sure my lilting screams of “Look out, look out!” during the car crash part, along with the crashing sound of twenty metal folding chairs being knocked to the floor, still sends chills up the spines of those who were there! Ha.  


I enjoy reading, playing Pinochle and Phase 10 and roller skating.  I dabble a little with the ivory keys and enjoy playing around with various percussion instruments.  I count it all joy to be able to sing for God and my hope is that our music will be “seeds” planted for His Kingdom!



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