From the recording OVERCOME ROUGH TRACK

In John 16:33, Jesus was reassuring his disciples that they only needed to trust in Him and He would give them peace. We don't need to run from what we're facing in life, no matter what, because Jesus has already won the fight. Sometimes we try too hard to do everything's hard to let go, but if we do...victory!


OVERCOME You can't find your way out, there is no one you can turn to You're so tired, beat down, is there no one who can help you? The world may never change, oh God, won't you save me I have heard your cry, just trust in me stay by my side, I'll give you peace you don't need to run, the work's all be done I've already won, I have overcome! You're not the only one, this fight's gone on forever He sees and knows your pain, He promised to leave you never, This world will never change, but God, He can save you We have just begun, we will overcome The battle has been won, and we will overcome!