1. There Is Hope

From the recording There Is Hope

About a year ago, I sat at my computer working on music for my students, checking Facebook and the news. I read about a sixth young person within a week who took their life - because they felt they had nothing to live for... These young people were all under the age of 25 - most under the age of 18! Nothing to live for? They had their whole lives! So much can happen in a year, a month, a day...but they didn't wait for what was around the bend. 
I couldn't bear it, I broke down sobbing, crying out to God, why? My heart was breaking and I couldn't think of a single thing I could do to help, nothing! I think I felt as hopeless to help as those young people felt about their future. Every thing I ever did in ministry seemed trite and useless! But God sent a thought screaming in my head, use your music. Yeah, right...like a song will help! Instantly I heard - YES! 
So I opened a Word document and defiantly, with arms crossed, challenged God - "Okay, give me a song then!" I sat there for a second, then leaned in, put my fingers on the keyboard, as if God might actually come and start manipulating my hands - of course He didn't - literally. But I did begin to write my feelings. I am not kidding or exaggerating, I swear, within 5 minutes, there was a song sitting in front of me. The whole thing! 2 verses, a chorus and a bridge.
So I sat back, cried some more, and challenged God again - okay, so what, give me the music then! I sat in my chair for a few minutes, and thought, well I need my guitar. So I picked it up - within an hour, no kidding, I had a song. Now - typically when I'm writing, if I have the words first, as I beat out the melody, I have to change the words to fit the cadence of the music - sometimes drastically, sometimes not, but on this song, I changed 3 words - that's it. The song that was written was already written for the music. I have experienced heavenly intervention and inspiration for many of the songs I write, but this was incredible and super natural - so I give any glory to God for this song - 100% credit!
We have played this song at every event since we finished it. Amethyst Hearts mission became even more intense - we have to do whatever we can to touch the lives of hurting people who have no hope! But then, things hit closer to home. The son of our original bassist, just days before the release of this album, shot and killed himself. We cannot begin to express our sorrow for our friend and his family for their loss, or our own frailty at trying to arrest this epidemic. But we stand in one thing - THERE IS HOPE in Jesus Christ, and as long as we draw breath, we will proclaim it - to whomever will listen!
Please share this song with anyone you think it may encourage! God bless!


(VERSE 1) 
I see you, standing on the edge, 
the abyss is stretching out before you, 
You think, there is nothing left, 
no hope, no need to try, 
please hear me, it’s a lie, it’s a lie!!! 
(VERSE 2) 
Too many things, pressing down on you, 
there’s not enough of you left to give, 
everything is wrong, nothing you can do, 
no hope, only goodbye, 
please hear me, it’s a lie, it’s a lie!!! 
There is hope for you
there is a bright new day, 
don’t take a chance you’ll miss it, 
your sunrise is on its way, 
you gotta wait and see what’s ahead, 
don’t miss the purpose for your life, 
Satan wants to see you dead 
and miss your hope in Jesus Christ, 
Don’t let the devil drag you down, 
all you gotta do is turn around, 
take hold of the one who loves you more, 
he’s exactly what you’re looking for...
he died for you! So you can live!!